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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases”

  1. I love the Steele brothers series. When will “Jase and Carly ( It. Is. On ) be available for purchase?

  2. Just got down reading the Caldwell Brothers series. LOVED IT!! Now I need a novella so that we know what Livie and Hendriix are having and update on the other couples.

  3. I just read the Steel boys ,the series was hot.I couldn’t put my phone down.Each night I was up til 1am in the morning. Til I read it.loved it.Beautifully wrote.

  4. Please give Ava a story please??? I need my soul to rest assured that the love series is indeed complete. Thank You lors of love ???

  5. OMG!!!! Luved “Abe”…can’t wait for the next one…hope it’s soon. Sooo enjoyed the way you had a glimpse of all the Steel guys……AWESOME read!!!

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