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“I want you to lick her pussy,” I tell one then turn toward the other. “And I want you to come for her.”
“For all of us,” she corrects.
“Yes, of course,” I agree.
She moves to the head of the bed and lays down, spreading her legs, while the other does exactly what I asked.
On my knees, I climb onto the bed and lean in so I can stroke my cock across the lips of the woman who is spread out.
As she sucks me slowly at first, then harder and faster, she comes. She comes hard and beautifully.
I sit back on my knees and stroke my cock before standing up to grab a condom from the nightstand. When I turn back, both of them are on the floor, on their knees, reaching for my cock again.
Standing before them, each one kissing each side of my cock, I grab the backs of their heads and push them closer together, slowly thrusting myself back and forth between their lips.
“Mmm …” they moan in unison as they taste my rock-hard cock, darting their tongues out to slide along my length.
Back and forth, I fuck their mouths until the whimpering begins. Then I step back and sit on the edge of the bed, reaching for the hand of the woman who has yet to come.
“You need my cock,” I tell her.
“Yes,” she says as she stands, two of her fingers in her own pussy.
The other grabs the condom and sheaths my cock as I turn her partner so her back is to me then pull her back and lift her until she is hovering above my cock, facing the other woman.
“I want you to feed my cock into her,” I tell the other woman
“Yes,” she says, dropping back to her knees.
From Katherine Rhodes
From Nina Levine
From Michelle Dare
From M.C Cerny
Declan’s Demand
From M. Stratton
In His Arms

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