Happy 30th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

My LOVE for this actor is EPIC !!!!

Okay so Harry Potter rocked before Cedric Diggory came along, but let’s be honest here, he was truly the first (and only) real

Man Candy

in the series.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.38.05 PM

Then this happened….

*bites fist*

and my closet cougar-ish love began.

(the first was the BEST!!!)

After the first movie we all had to know… okay I did, what it was about Robert Pattinson that was so f’ing


Here’s what sealed the deal for me

(music is my first love)

Singer / songwriter / fucking vampire….


Okay anyone could sound decent singing with proper editing right?

Sure thing, but now my stalking  interest in this

talented BRITISH (swoon) actor was in full force…


Then she, who shall not be named, broke his heart.

Young love cuts deep.

He’s over it…

He became my Christian Grey.

Then my heart was broken because he wasn’t.

This helped


Okay well today is his 30th!

For me it’s now alright to say it.

Robert ‘Fucking’ Pattinson


HAWWWWWTTTTTTT and this courage LOVES him!

Happy Birthday




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