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You loved Men of Steel, Jase, Cyrus, Zandor, Xavier, Momma Joe, Kat, and all things dirty taking and hard loving, about the Steel Brothers.
You loved Ties of Steel, Abe, Dominic, Sabato, and their alpha dominant ways.
You got rocked by the Rockers of Steel. Memphis Black, Finn Beckett, River James, Billy Jeffers and begged for more.
I gave you The Match Duet, Kat, long time tattoo artist at Forever Steel on the Jersey Shore, and you loved her, okay maybe not her, but her epic tale of online dating leading to the most wonderful HEA.

Now I’ve brought it home.

STEEL COUNTRY is all things Steel, maybe even hotter.

You’ll get to see all your favorite Steel Brothers in their alpha, dirty talking, hard loving, glory.
You’ll see Abe and watch as he reminisces about the pool table with his ‘Four’. You’ll see Kat and Ricco and laugh at the struggle for ‘top’. Then you’ll get a bigger picture of the Gage Falcon, you’ve read about since the beginning.
Saddle up and get ready for one hell of a ride.
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Forever Steel Baby,

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?????- “MJ Fields is a force to be reckoned with. A fantastically talented author who will never let you down. Gage and Phoenix have officially become my favorite couple from all of the Steel books and their spin-offs so far.” –Between The Lines Book Blog

??- “I hate hot sex scenes and strong alpha men. Why does MJ Fields keep writing books about them? Seriously, stop already. Get a real job! Give me a man with a less than average size ?  and a female who just lays down and takes the five minutes the rest of us get. I’m only adding an extra star because she didn’t use a ?, ring this time.” – I Hate Hot Books and Alpha Males
????? –  “If you like your alphas delicious and your girls tough, then MJ is always the answer. And you never know who will pop up… in this Men of Steel series spin off.”-  Renee Entress’s Blog
????? – “Oh MJ I never thought you’d give us another book that would rival the Men of 

Steel and their Alpha ways but my god Gage Falcon is defiantly in their league…There’s a lot more to this story than HOT Tattooed Filthy Talking Man but it certainly doesn’t  hurt.”- Vanilla Twist Reads 

????? – “The fact that all the Steele brothers make appearance in this book is enough to love to it, but omg I think Gage is my favorite of MJ’S characters and that’s saying alot but this man is a beast on the outside all brody, and down to business but inside he’s so much more” –Wendy
????? – “I’m ready to get nailed by #GageFalcon .. it’s #TimetogetHammered!
Gage Falcon is sexy as f, dirty talker extraordinaire – yes please I’ll have some of that! He easily broke into my top five naughty book boyfriends! H.O.T. DAYUM #takeit #tellme #stay #yougood? He’s so demanding. He’s a straight shooter, calling it like he sees it & wanting it back on an equal exchange...I floved the foreplay while learning to drive stick shift and the storm scene was epic.” – Wicked Tales of Racy Reads
????? – “If you loved the stories about the Steel Family, you will adore this romance between Gage and Phoenix. Of course, the language is Jersey Shore strong, but the emotions and complexity of these characters is the charm and the gift this author offers us. Loved this story. Touched my heart deeply. We must always love children and do what is best for them. The rest is just noise.” – As You Wish Reviews

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