Goodbye 2015….Hello 2016

Happy New Year_MJ

It has been one hell of a year.

My writer life has far exceeded any expectations I had when I wrote my very first book, Blue Love, three years ago.

I’ve said it a time or two but I had NO idea what I was doing, never even knew what a book blog was, lol. (Boy was I missing out!) I used Google, (yep, good old Google.)

I learned to format an e-book, make my own (shitty) cover and how to upload to Smashword, then I sat back and watched… and then I learned I could upload directly to Amazon and everything went crazy.

Three years in and my entire life has changed.

2015 was a year that will never be forgotten. Good and bad will stay with me forever, and if you know me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.   

Professional highlights

  • Making the USA Today Bestseller list, a few times (yep I just kicked my feet as I wrote that…side note, I had no idea what the hell that was three years ago either, lol).
  • Writing a kick ass series with Chelsea Camaron, that when opportunity knocked, (Loveswept, Penguin Random House) we decided together to take a stab at traditional publishing.
  • Publishing 10 books in 2015 (Dominic, Eroe, Sabato, Irons 2, Irons 3, Raising Steel, Hendrix, Morrison, Memphis Black, and Finn Beckett.)
  • Attending, signings in Tampa, Cleveland, Mystic, NYC, Dallas, Nashville, and Huntington.  
  • Getting to meet some amazing people, make memories, host a couple parties, laughing with many of you, and yes some of you made me cry. (Happy tears of course)
  • Co writing and publishing a YA book with my, then eleven year old daughter.

Personal Highlights

  • Watching my girl sing on stage at Carnegie Hall with the middle school honors choir.
  • Seeing her shine as Miss Hannigan in Annie, (on the same stage I stood on when I was her age… except she could have kicked my ass all over it)
  • Watching her sing, so many moments all took my breath away
  • Co writing and publishing a YA book with my, then eleven year old daughter. (Yes it’s both personal and professional)
  • Showing her, my little one, that her Momma is strong.
  • Meeting some amazing women, who I once called virtual friends, who are now so much more than that.
  • Talking, texting, messaging and getting to know each and every one of those who have reached out to me.

My work, job, career, whatever we call it is more than that. It sometimes is very personal. I am so very glad to have you all a part of my life and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you have given me.

For that I am truly blessed. 2016 is not only going to be a new year, but it will be a new beginning in a way. I decided I would not make resolutions this year. I will set a goal that encompasses everything I need, want, and desire in my life…balance. I have everything lined up perfectly to make that happen.

My wish, dream, prayer, desire, for all of you is the same.

Love and balance, MJ Fields

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015….Hello 2016”

  1. You truly are an inspiration. I’m so very very happy to call you family. (Thats how much you mean to me) I wish you love, Happiness and the big O in 2016!

  2. Debbie Rodrigues Sousa

    Exactly hon !! So happy for you you have so much to be proud of , an amazing feat for 3 years !! Wish you love, health and much happiness beauty !!!

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