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Tied In Steel…



He was handsome and from a good southern family.

I was beautiful and didn’t know my real family.

He was strong and self-confident.

I was broken and never knew confidence.

He was everything to a girl who had nothing.

I was everything to a man who needed nothing.

He told me I would be his queen

Then, three years later, he stripped me of my crown.

Six months into our marriage, I “fell down the stairs” and broke my arm.

At the hospital, I found out I was pregnant.

One year later, I “ran into a door” and hid my black eye behind designer sunglasses and a fake smile.

A year after that, pregnant with our second child, we went to meet some of his old college friends in New York City. I took too long to get ready. He told them I had the stomach bug.

 Nine years ago, I was an eighteen-year-old girl, married to her high school sweetheart turned tormentor.

That fateful night in New York City, a cycle was broken. Now, I am empowered …

Today, my name is


for six weeks out of the year.



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