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Happy Hump Day!!!


I have at least five blog posts I have started in the last few days that I have nixed. One on politics, one on an Instagrams ugly list, one about Orlando, one about the reality of being an ‘author’ and one about all the ideas running around in CrAzYViLlE. All very long, and ranty, and *gasp* opinionated, but, they all ended with the same theme ringing loudly, do unto others.

No two people were raised the same, no two people have traveled the same path in life, no two people have been effected the same way in any given circumstance, and no two people react exactly the same in the same situation.  We are all, what?


In a nutshell….




I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote, because, YOU believe the candidate YOU are voting for best represents YOU. I will not judge YOU, and YOU should not judge me. But we do judge a bit don’t we? We are human, we are beautifully flawed, and we are all, what?


Instagrams Ugly list…

Now here, i’m judging you. You, who decided to tag someone I love more than life, more than self, more than anything God, (Yep I am touching on politics and religion… okay not religion, because I don’t have faith in all churches or a man made spin on the Bible, I have faith in the teachings of JC, ‘Do unto others’) has blessed me with. You, who takes joy in making someone feel less than when they have done nothing to you. You, who decided to tag someone to be hurtful.

Did I handle the situation the way JC would want? No, probably not. Okay definitely not, but I am HUMAN. So pointing out any flaws of said children to the human tagged on the list wasn’t probably the most mature way to deal with it, but hey, i’ve gone the route of making phone calls, etc. and sometimes the shit doesn’t work.  So I rant and she laughs, and the situation feels… better.

Then we talk about why people do that. They are angry, jealous, bitter, children, who have not been taught the golden rule, and if they had been taught maybe the teacher was telling not showing. Or maybe they are not real fucking sane.

DON’T react and do it back. DON’T put that shit in writing, but, when they smile in your face tomorrow, or ask for something, explain to them that although you would love to help them, you can’t, because you aren’t going to allow people to treat you that way. (If they were bleeding or something, the situation changes, help them, duh!)

It’s even more difficult to explain to a child, or to explain that the children doing these hateful things are… children. They are growing and learning and ever changing. I try to help her understand that many will change and grow and be regretful of what they did in the past. We adults are still growing too.  I try to get her to understand that not all moms or dads explain things to their kids, or tell them when they truly don’t know, or even understand what makes people tick, like I do. Not all kids are the same, not all parents are the same and again they are all what?






My heart is broken.

I’ve heard and read about what ’caused’ him to do this. So many of the posts are bashing a religion, or stating it’s a hate crime, or that it’s terrorism.  To me it sounds like his beliefs, and affiliation, mixed with sexual confusion and a pleather of deep mental health issues.

There are arguments all over social media. People slamming people, saying that they are being racist, sexist, politically incorrect. Media is also bringing the upcoming presidential candidates into the circus of speculations and judgement.

No. NO. NO!


Parents received text messages from their kids, hiding in fear, or laying on a nightclub floor dying. Some received phone calls telling them their children were never coming home, or that their children were in critical condition, or going into surgery in hopes of saving their lives.

Lives were lost, survivors forever scared, men and women put their lives at risk to try to save lives, every person there was forever changed. (Aren’t we all?)

The bottom line is that one man chose to walk into that club and kill. He chose to do that. He planned it. He executed his plan.

He. Did. This.

He did this because of hate, because he was weak and followed hateful peoples teachings. He did this because he was taught to be the person he was. He was taught to hate. He was to weak to overcome and become different than those he surrounded himself with.

In a nutshell….

As women and men who want things to be better for us, for our cause, for our children, for our children’s children we MUST be part of that change in a way that is telling and showing.

Am I the perfect parent, hell no. Do I raise my child believing the way I do and with the same morals I have? Yep. Am I trying my best to get her to not accept but love other peoples differences? Hell yes. If not she is missing out on some wonderful friendships and learning experiences. How am I doing that? By showing her and telling her.

In a nutshell….

I don’t hide who I am.

I was raised in a conservative Christian home. I went to church every Sunday. I was taught the golden rule.

  • I am NOT a fundamentalist.
  • I am not your judge or the morality police.

I am a registered  Republican.

  • I don’t love Donald Trump.
  • I don’t vote down my part line.
  • A reviewer once said they loved me more because they assumed I was a democrat based on a statement my character Carly (Jase) had made. I loved it. There are good and bad to each party.

I am a single mom.

  • I believe in love and marriage. I believe in busting your ass to make a relationship work. However I don’t have a magic wand to fix shit that can’t be fixed. I do NOT talk shit about her father to her or post shit online about him being a dick. He’s her dad. I loved him for many years. HE’s A DEMOCRAT! (lol) Two of us made the decision to get married, two of us decided to end the marriage. Two of us love our child.
  • I felt like a single mom when I was married. I know very few women who are married and don’t feel that way. Most women are nurturers, most women are the primary caretakers of the little humans. It’s not a damn ‘excuse’, it’s a blessing.

I am human

  • I make mistakes.
  • I am loyal to a fault.
  • I am a fighter when it comes to people I love.
  • I am a bitch.
  • Do wrong by me I will probably let you skate. Hell I’ll even forgive you. You’re human.
  • Do wrong by me twice, i’m gonna let you know about yourself. (It’s not hate, it’s truth) Then i’m gonna forgive again.
  • Do wrong  by those I love, you are pretty much fucked. I’m gonna tell you the first time.

I am straight.

  • Don’t care who you all lay down with. Not my business. I don’t invite you in my bedroom, don’t invite me in yours.
  • I have gay friends. LOVE THEM. They love me. We are cool.

I’m a white girl.

  • I am so over racism. If you are that fucking ignorant that you judge someone by their color you’re just that, a fucking idiot. End of.




Seeing things in black and white, isn’t nearly as beautiful, as seeing it in color.



Be. Nice.



PS. I’m an author, not an editor. You see mistakes, shit happens. Judge not sweet cheeks. <3






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