Do as I say, not as I do… a Monday musings.


It’s definitely Monday!

My little chick, who is now almost as tall as I am… overnight,  is getting ready for week two of her three week theatre program at a local college. The people running the program are absolutely amazing, and talented. Some are Broadway stars / directors themselves and she is learning so much from them.

So this morning she tells me that one of those amazing people may have dropped the ‘F’ bomb,  accidentally. Not typically working with kids, I get that, it happens.


She actually used the word when she was telling me!


After the shock wore off my gut reaction, ‘I’m telling your grandmother you said that.’

And yes, that is a threat that carries a lot of weight around here, so of course she was like…

I told her she was no longer watching YOU TUBE videos, and social media was going to be drastically limited because those influences are clearly not positive!

I get exactly what I deserve… the look.

Yeah, the ‘f’ bomb is a common… slip… of mine and that bomb drops around here … more than it should. Under different circumstances this would be me…

But today was different, and my response.

‘You have an amazing vocabulary, and I will not tolerate you using words like that. It makes you sound ignorant.’


Again, the look.

‘I’m serious, you do it again and i’m telling grandma!’


‘Okay, okay I promise I won’t!’


What I learned…..

I should really stop saying Fuck, or at least make an honest effort.


Hope you are all kicking Monday’s ‘F’ing’ ass.





1 thought on “Do as I say, not as I do… a Monday musings.”

  1. That’s awesome. My boys really did try to not say that in front of me, but when it did happen, all I could do is pretend I was shocked and insulted. They saw right through it. He kinda got the same reaction when I heard female giggling from his room at 4am and my hubby caught him going to the bathroom in his birthday suit around 5am. He was 21 at the time.

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