Truth About Love Duet

The Blue Valley Legacy Series #6
Published by: Blue Valley Publishing LLC
Release Date: May 15, 2020
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From USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes a gripping story of love, its many truths, and its heartbreaking lies.

"This author blew my mind like literally...If I could have given this book 10 stars I would GIVE it without a blink of an eye!" - Coyote Ugly Swagger book blog

Once upon a time, Luke Lane loved a little, stubborn, delusional girl, and that little girl was me.

My fairytale happy ever after always included my black-haired, blue-eyed, knight in shining armor, and that knight was Luke Lane.

Then I grew up and convinced myself that it wasn’t a fairytale after all. It was Fate.

I twisted Fate to make her story come to life, but Fate fought back, and now I am looking at a man I still love, but he doesn’t feel the same.

I have to walk away. Not just for me, but for him. And not for the version of him who broke my heart, but for the version who was truly a knight in shining armor to the little girl I was, so many fairy tales ago.

This complete box set includes:
27 Truths
27 Lies

"Extremely raw, beautiful and powerful book. I was unable to put it down, I needed to know more about the characters. Beautifully written characters, great style and gripping plot."- Books are here for You

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