True Love

The Blue Valley Series #4
Published by: Blue Valley Publishing LLC
Release Date: May 18, 2013
Page Count: 420
Genre: ,
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The Blue Valley series is not your typical love story. It is a journey through one’s past … maybe even a story resembling someone close to you.
It’s our story.
Tessa Ross has finally decided to give herself a break.

A break from her forced smiles.

A break from the people she loves.

A break to help her heart heal.

A break to mend and regain the strength that she once had.

A break to find herself again.

A break to focus on the next step in her life journey.

And so, she puts distance between herself, Lucas, and Blue Valley, returning to her family’s house in Cape Cod, a place that she always loved and felt loved in.

Will it lead her home to seek comfort in those she loves, or will she see that home has always been with her?

Warning: Highly Emotional!

This book contains volatile characters in real-life situations that may be triggers to some readers.

This was love, not a fairy tale… until it became one.

PLEASE NOTE: this series was previously released as The Love series (MJ's very first works) and has been through a complete rewrite, which consists of a change from narrative to first person/ dual POV and forty thousand words worth of new content.

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