The Tied in Steel Box Set

Tied in Steel Box Set by MJ Fields

Published by: Blue Valley Publishing LLC
Release Date: March 17, 2020
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Betrayed by life
After falling in love with her bodyguard, Italian socialite Valentina Segretti, believed she no longer had to carry her secrets alone.
That his love saved her.
Then, in the blink of an eye, he left her, leaving her more alone and vulnerable than ever.

Betrayed by love
What Franco Protettore left behind became her reasons to live.
Pregnant with twins, Valentina had no choice but to protect his children the way he should have been there to do.

Empowered by women

Former party girl and fashion icon to lifestyle blogger, socialite to single mom, Valentina is followed by over a hundred thousand intrigued fans.
When love threatens to destroy her again, will she fight for it or strap on her stilettos and walk away?

Four horrible break-ups.
Being overlooked for promotion after promotion.
On a whim, she quits life in America and heads to Italy for a much needed break.

One drunken dinner with friends at a swanky members only club, Paige sets her eyes on two empty thrones set on a stage and decides she no longer dreams of becoming a marketing executive, she wants to be Queen.

Empowered by her new found freedom.
Empowered by the women in her circle of friends.
Empowered by her choice to not be walked all over by men and their false promises.

She is determined to be on top of her world, crown and all.

Even a 'Bad Girl' deserves a Good Guy
He was handsome and from a good southern family.
I was beautiful and didn’t know my real family.
He was strong and self-confident.
I was broken and never knew confidence.
He was everything to a girl who had nothing.
I was everything to a man who needed nothing.
He told me I would be his queen.
Then, three years later, he stripped me of my crown.
After our son was born, I “fell down the stairs” and broke my arm.
At the hospital, I found out I was pregnant again.
Two months later, I “ran into a door” and hid my black eye behind designer sunglasses and a fake smile.
In my last trimester of my second pregnancy, we went to meet some of his old college friends in New York City. I took too long to get ready. He told them I had the stomach bug.
I was once an eighteen-year-old girl, married to her high school sweetheart turned tormentor.
That fateful night in New York City, a cycle was broken.
Now, I am empowered …
Today, my name is
…but only for a few weeks out of the year.

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