Rounding the Bases

Taking First

From USA Today author MJ Fields, comes a small l town, marriage of convenience, standalone sports romance. This steamy romance will make you blush, everywhere.


When Pope left our hometown my life changed. When he came back he saw his nemesis’ ring on my finger, I knew he was going to be angry, but people change, right?

When he found out I had a little girl he demanded I call things off with Kal. He says he refuses to let a man like him raise his child.

I told him she wasn’t his, but he still won’t back down.


The last thing I expected when I finally came home was to find out my best friend was a single mother to a four-year-old little beauty. Especially since that best friend asked me to rid her of her virtue before I left to play in the minors, nearly five years ago.

She says she’s not mine, but I know she belongs to me.

They say all is fair in love and baseball, but when secrets are revealed and truths are finally told, will he fight for a love he never expected or the game he was born to play?

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Stealing Second

From USA Today best-selling author MJ Fields, comes a brand new, grumpy sunshine, close proximity, standalone, steamy baseball romance

About Stealing Second


Fresh out of college, I stumbled into the opportunity of a lifetime. My favorite professor had a friend who was looking to retire and sell his animal clinic. With a lot of help and a giant push from my sister and her husband, I made an offer. I’m now the proud owner of Wags Veterinary Clinic in Trenton, New Jersey.

Life is good. I have a home with a beautifully landscaped lawn, a business that I love, and an amazing tribe of friends who encourage me to put myself out there. Truth be told, I prefer animals over most people. I’m happy with the occasional girls’ night in and catching a glimpse of the hot neighbor, who I undeniably fantasize about—often.

Those fantasies, however, come to a dramatic end when I see him walking his new puppy on my property and not cleaning up its mess—twice. There’s nothing hot about a man who doesn’t take care of his shhh—or his dog’s. Nothing.

Fantasy ruined.


Who gets a second chance at playing professional baseball after turning it down once before? This guy. I thought it was too good to be true, but my family encouraged me to take the opportunity and see what would happen. That’s exactly what I did, with zero expectations.

When I got the call that I was being pulled up from the minors to the majors, it was no longer an opportunity; it was a reality. Adjustments had to be made. I was going to be calling Trenton, New Jersey, home for a while; therefore, my minor-league lifestyle had to change. No more cleat chasers or hookups. I had to focus.

The problem with this is, my focus is on the hot redhead next door, and she … well, she can’t stand me.

If I’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that baseball is magic. It’s not in the game itself; it’s in the lessons about endless opportunities.

Right now, I’m on first, just waiting for the opportunity to steal second.

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