Burning Souls


Held captive since birth, he never knew normal.

As a child, he took comfort in reading. It was his escape; his only glimpse at what life and love could be like outside the walls that he had been hidden behind.

When he is finally freed, the world he enters is something he never could have imagined.

Then he meets Harper Abraham, and his heart’s very beat … changes.

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Maddox Hines walks away from the only things that seemed to comfort him, that calmed his demons—the things that helped dull the pain from his past and allowed him to continue waking up each day and push forward.

Now he sets out to win back the girl who has held his heart for five years, the girl who is too good for him, who deserves better than him.
But none of that matters any longer.
Because Maddox is hell-bent.

When he finds her, a life-changing secret is revealed.
Is it a blessing or a curse?

Will the sins of his past annihilate his dreams for a future with Harper?

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When two souls come together in body, there is nothing hotter. In desire, nothing deeper. In love, there is nothing stronger than two souls that were created for one another.

Maddox walked through hell on earth to come to the point in his life where he finally knows he is capable of love. More importantly, he realizes he deserves love.

In the aftermath of their journey through hell, will Maddox be able to conform to a normal life, balancing career, love, and family? Will Maddox and Harper get past all they have endured and still be capable of love after losing so much? Will their souls finally come together, giving Maddox the beautiful life that his tortured soul deserves?

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