Marked Steel

Steel Crew #8
Release Date: May 1, 2021
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When a spring flower blooms too early, it often wilts while others blossom during their proper season.

That’s me in a nutshell, and what eventually landed me in the nuthouse.

Through necessity, I found a new passion, one that helps mask the darkness by thrusting me into the spotlight.

Each show is a session, ending in a kiss meant for revenge.

He broke me, and I will make sure I do the same to him.


Wealth is the very thing most people desire above all else, except those who have it and know the truth in its empty pleasures.

Love, the ultimate luxury, is the one thing that even the wealthy cannot afford.

I lived without it all of my life, and when I found love, I could no longer live with it.

On my journey from then until now, I have accepted my fate and found solace in molding beautiful things that others can love.

I am a broken man, but I’ll make sure all I leave behind is whole.

This is a story about two broken heartsone danced in dark and one in lightwho were both marked by tragedy yet found love, and together, they created a beautiful life.

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