Love You Anyway

The Blue Valley Legacy Series #5
Published by: Blue Valley Publishing LLC
Release Date: November 13, 2022
Page Count: 342
Genre: ,
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More than two decades ago, she was mine. Then I lost her heart, but not her friendship.

Now Tessa's husband, one of the greatest men I ever knew, is gone, having sacrificed his life for their daughter. And my wife is a cheating whore, but I won't let her run off into the sunset with her senator just yet. She still has a few more months to be a mother to our son before he graduates.

But Tessa ... I know her. She wants to show her grown children that she’s okay —hell, she always pretended to be all right when she wasn't— that even after a devastating loss, life can go on.

Watching her grieve silently was something I did in the past, but I won't do it again.

Never again.

Because I fear if I can't get her to truly grieve, we all might lose her. And I can't live in a world without Tessa.

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