Their First Time

A new adult / college standalone sports romance novel from USA Today bestselling author, MJ Fields.

Their First Time

I was raised knowing the difference between lust and love.
I was warned to never fall for someone who simply set my body ablaze.

As the daughter of a southern preacher, I held on to my virtue … sort of.
A man always knew his place with me, but only one would someday hold my heart.

I was raised to defend myself against emotional attachment.
I was warned, at a young age, that all women would eventually leave me.

As the son of a single father, a farmer, a ladies man, I was taught to never promise a girl anything but a good time.

What happens when two souls connect, but their worlds collide?

Is it the wrong person or the wrong time?

The Firsts Series: Box Set

It's all about the 'Firsts'.

First kisses, first crushes, first falls, first heartaches, first experiences, and first loves.

Offensive Rebound

Courtney Cohen
When my father died I inherited the Bad News Bears of the NBA, the Seattle Stallions. To add insult to injury my ex-fiancé, Brock was the team's star point guard.
The only reason I haven't jumped ship yet is because prior to my father, Charlie Cohen, dying I learned he recruited a baller who was going to make the Seattle Stallions "road to hell" a lot more interesting.

Trae Rhodes
When Charlie Cohen called me and asked to return to the game, I thought he had lost his mind. He wanted me to come and play for his 'Little Pony's', there was no way in hell that would happen. But when he sends me the team roster and salaries followed by an offer that was more than his star point guards, I knew there was something foul about his play.
There is nothing I liked more than a foul play that involved Brock fucking Boeheim, so I accepted his advance and gave him a promise I would be there in the fall when training started. Brock and I have history, a score to settle.
In the last two months I have done three things, fuck, get my head back in the game I love and come up with a way to get revenge on the person who took it all away to begin with, Brock.

Blue Love

The Blue Valley series is not your typical love story. It is a journey through one’s past … maybe even a story resembling someone close to you.

It’s our story.

He’s the boy you hate to love, and love to hate.
Lucas, the star quarterback, seems to have it all—super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who will stop at nothing to be his, if only for a night.

Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family, and everyone around her, while remaining virtuous.

However, when two worlds collide, sparks fly and ignite in a fiery passion that neither Lucas nor especially Tessa are ready for.

A troubled home life is exposed. Past flings fight for attention. Exes wreak havoc. And the odds continue to stack up against them.

Will the fire and passion of first love win, or will it destroy them?

Warning: Highly Emotional!

This book contains volatile characters in real-life situations that may be triggers to some readers.

PLEASE NOTE: this series was previously released as The Love series (MJ's very first works) and has been through a complete rewrite, which consists of a change from narrative to first person/ dual POV and forty thousand words worth of new content.

The Way The Wildflowers Grow

USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields brings you a swoony worthy, small town, standalone sports romance, that will have you catching feels and eventually, fire.

She's lost all hope, and he found it standing amongst the wildflowers.


Moving to a new place is not something a girl like me is unfamiliar with. My beat-up old suitcase has more miles, than good memories.

I have long since given up hope that changing schools will somehow change my life.

I just want to blend in, and get by, until I age out.


No one ever told me silence sounds like crushed metal and mournful tears. I lived in that hell for far to long. The day I broke that silence, I realized just how powerful our voices can be, and how much those we love, need to hear them.

My senior year will be different, I’ll be back on the field playing for those who no longer can. I’ll be living again.

Blue Valley Box Set

"This book literally ripped me open! So so so good. Now one of my top reads of 2021. I would rate it 10 stars if I could!"- Amazon review

The Blue Valley series is not your typical love story. It's our story.

THE COMPLETE SERIES about fate, heartache, and second chances in a small town.
From book one
He’s the boy you hate to love, and love to hate.

The Complete Box Set includes

Blue Love (Blue Valley High — Senior Year)
New Love (Blue Valley High — Senior Year)
Sad Love (Blue Valley — The College Years)
True Love (Blue Valley — The Adult Years)

The Firsts Series Box Set

"I absolutely loved this book. The characters were great and they really came alive. I had such a hard time putting the book down and when I finally went to bed, I was still thinking about what would happen next. I also liked how real they felt. Always a good book when my kids catch me smiling and ask what I am reading." - Amazon Reviewer

Five new adult / college / sports romance novels from USA Today bestselling author, MJ Fields.

It's all about the 'Firsts'.
First year of college, first kiss, first crush, first fall, first heartaches, first experiences, and first loves.

This Box Set Includes
Her First Kiss
His First Crush
Their First Fall
27 Truths About Their First Goodbye
Their First time

"As always this series reaches into my soul and heightens my emotions. I have watched (read) both of these characters develop over time and knew their story would make all the feels of the original series coming flooding back. I was a blubbering mess in between the awe's and LOL's. I know this will be a re-read for me as all the others have become. These characters are so much a part of me." - Amazon Reviewer