Match This!

Kat's a take no shit kind of girl, but when her mother forces her to start online dating with her, she's taken off guard. The tables turn and now Kat has the opportunity to dish out unsolicited advice of her own. The ever-unsociable Kat, puts herself out there knowing no man in their right mind will ask her out.

Little does she know the world has changed. The constant connection has caused a disconnect, and while hiding behind a screen most men hold nothing back.

Will Kat be able to get her mother to stop being a “behind the screen” text whore, or will she get dragged into the craze that is sweeping the nation?

Her dating profile confirms her ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude.

Name: Kat B.

Age: 25

Lives: Wildwood, NJ

About Me:

Harvard educated, tattoo and body modification artist. My favorite word is fuck and the middle finger is a flag I fly without second thought or regard for what you or anyone else thinks.
If you don’t like it, don’t bother contacting me. We are not a match.
I was raised Irish catholic and attended, elementary school wearing the plaid skirt and flimsy cardigan. The nuns didn’t like me and I wore welts caused by their rulers daily.
I liked it.


I work full time and own reliable transportation. I have my own place. If you don’t work, don’t have wheels, and live on your mothers couch, I am not interested. Get a job and grow the fuck up.
I am loyal to me first.
You should be as well.

What never fails to make me smile

A short line at the Dunkin Donuts drive through window, followed by my first cup of coffee in the morning. A drink after a hard days work followed by an orgasm. Unicorns and glitter.

I am:

Not looking for a man to complete me. I’m looking for drama free fun during my down time.

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ImPerfectly Matched!

Kat has found herself caught between a Qwerty and a rock hard alpha.

Ricco's flippant attitude towards their highly sexual relationship and Kat's dating seems to be exactly what she needs.

Ricco is the perfect wire-less / no strings, fuck buddy. He loves her peen collection even more than she does to the point she feels nearly battered after each encounter. But when he turns up the kink even more, when Match Up, becomes a twisted virtual version of a cuckold, even Kat tries to turn down the intensity.

@Mr.Mister becomes inventive and creepy, @baller seems too familiar, and @rider1 becomes her closest confidant.

When things get too intense, too emotional, and the past shows up, will Kat run from her problems once again, or will she be accepting of her...ImPerfect Match?

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