Flip Shot

Taking The Shot #4
Release Date: October 29, 2023
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Returning from Texas after summer break, which I spent working, and training, I expected a temperature change. Hell, I welcomed the chill, but I didn’t expect to be completely frozen out by the only chick at Lincoln University who I thought about almost as much as I do hockey.

When I saw Riley Park for the first time, the universe shifted. Which sounds completely lame, but I take issues with liars; therefore, I refuse to be one.

I, Theo Rivera, was enchanted by her.

Was? Yeah. Because now… now I’m just pissed.


Theo Rivera is six-foot-four to my five-foot-two. The first boy who made my heart do The Biles II—a triple double on the floor for those unfamiliar. And just like every time I attempt to stick that landing… let’s just leave it at that.

Moving on…

My hockey era has come to an end, much earlier than I foolishly hoped it would. But I’m not a naïve freshman anymore with stars in her eyes over a *cough* HAF puck boy *cough*. Nope, I have written it down, a promise to Simone, and manifested it; therefore, it’s official.

I, Riley Park, am now a football fan.

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