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Standing inside Body Art, I see four girls outside of my buddy Sisco’s studio.

He smirks. “They’re fucked up.”

“The little blonde isn’t. She looks terrified.”

He chuckles. “She looks like that cartoon character.”

I nod. “Alice from Alice in Wonderland.”

“Wonderland would pass out quicker than the little badass.”

“Purple hair, dark skin?” I ask then take a sip of my coffee. “I think you’re wrong.”

“If I’m wrong, you get dibs on which one you ink. And the cash, too. I’m right, you get Wonderland and I get the cash.”

I reach out to shake his hand. “You’re on.”

Two seconds later, purple hair throws up and we laugh.

When the other one, the one with the long, thick, brown hair and perfect curves, turns and I see her face, my heart skips a beat, maybe two. She’s fucking gorgeous.

Living art.

Sparkling blue eyes, lightly tanned skin.

Tag, I think. “She’s it.”

He chuckles as he looks at the one I’m pointing at. “Beverly?”

“Fuck that.” I laugh.

“You have a type, Tags—Beverly Hills.”

“I don’t have a type. I’m perpetually single. And Sisco, those eyes, they’re not Beverly Hills; they’re too deep for that.”

Only half of it’s a lie. I do go for women who are socioeconomically out of my league. And not because I think I want to be like them. I don’t. Quite the opposite. I want them to realize money isn’t shit. That they just want all the crap that I find nonessential. Shit I’ll never have. I just happen to have a thing for fucking shit up for the man she’s under while still thinking about me. Men who need arm candy and the newest Porsche in their garage, next to last year’s discarded model.

She’s not Beverly Hills. She’s fucking perfect.

I turn to walk behind the frosted glass to prep as Sisco yells back, “They’re getting in a cab. Guess we both lose.”

For some reason, I don’t stop the setup.

A few minutes later I hear Sisco, “We’re closing up.”

“But I—” Sexy voice.

“We open tomorrow at eleven,” he cuts her off.

“Sisco, I can take this one.”

“You got cash?” he asks her.

“I do.” She sounds excited.

Virgin, I think.

“She’s all yours,” he calls back to me.

“Perfect.” I begin walking out front.

“Lock up and come meet me at the gym when you’re done.”

“Will do.”

When I see her, she looks at me like I did her. Fortunate for me, I get to see it.

“You ready?”

She doesn’t reply.

“How deep you want it?”

Her jaw drops, and I eat it up. Double inuendo, and she got it.

I step to her and lift her chin to close her gaping mouth. Her skin feels like silk.

“I like the path your thoughts are traveling on, sweets, but I’m asking about the work you’re here to get. You want just the tip of my creativity or do you want me to go all-in?” I step back just a fraction, and her jaw drops again. This time, I’m close enough to help her out again, and luckily for me, she allows it … again. Then I step back farther, because the way her blue pools are shimmering, and her face flushes, if I don’t, shit’s going down right here on the floor.

“I have my artwork.” She looks down at a large leather bag and begins pulling out what I can guess is a printout of something that she found on the internet—a flower, a ladybug, something every girl wants. But this one, well, I clearly want to give it to her … deeper.

“Not how I work.” I walk past her and out the door, putting space between us.

“Wait. What?” She gasps, and I know she’s following me.

I reach in my pocket and pull out a smoke. Then I lean back against the brick and take a long drag as I watch her watching me. I exhale slowly while breathing it back through my nose.

She’s watching me intently, eyes still liquid, face still flush.

“Your concept, my art.”

She holds up her paper. “So, you don’t want my work?”

I look away, not wanting to see it. I get a sort of high when a client looks at my work on them for the first time, the emotions it produces when I nail their idea, and I always nail it. “Nope.”

“You being serious?”

“Dead serious.” I look back at her as she rakes her lip between her teeth. “And you keep looking at me like that, and I’m gonna give you what you want then tag you with my art.”

“Like what?” She feigns innocent when I can already tell better.

“Like you’ve never had a man like me between your legs and you desperately want it to happen.”

“I’m only looking at you like that because you’re looking at melike that.”

Fuuuuck, I think asshe rolls her eyes slightly and mumbles something under her breath.

“You’re a beautiful young woman; of course I’d like to fuck you. You just need to decide what comes first.”


“You want me to decorate you or make you messy first?”

“How about you do your best, and if I like what you do, I’ll—”

“Say it, sweets,” I cut her off because, if she says what I know she’s thinking, I’m going to get arrested when I lay her out on the street. “I dare you.”


Early Reviews

Absolutely Fantastic ❣️
I’ll start by saying I love this story . This story is everything . It’s funny , serious , emotional , Hot and sexy , steamy , and definitely full of sexy alpha men . Truely Steel . I love Bella . Tag fits perfectly right in with the alpha bad boy group . I really , really love this story . You may need a stiff drink or two to get you through while reading or cold shower . I could not recommend a better story
.- Paula (Goodreads review)

I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed Bella By M.J. Fields! The back and forth banter between the main characters is perfection, their chemistry explosive. Author M.J. Fields delivers an unputdownable novel, filled with family ties, tension, and heart rending scenes. Get ready to laugh, to swoon, and reach for those tissues. My hands down favorite read by M.J. Fields, and worth all the stars!
Sarah N.

Let me start off by saying how much I love the Steel family. I’ve read the series a time or two (okay more like 4-5 but who’s counting?). But if you haven’t read any of the Forever Steel books, don’t worry you can jump right into Bella and still enjoy
– M. Cox

Bella is an emotionally beautiful read. Full of feels, angst, twists, chemistry, passion, family drama, tension, sizzle and a beautiful romance that will have you rooting for the HEA between Bella and Tags... MJ Fields has done it again
– A. Symes

This is probably my favorite book in this series. Hilarious and touching all at the same time. Highly recommended and if it was possible i would give it 10 stars. Sadly 5 will have to do. Go grab this book NOW.
– Michelle (Goodreads review)

Holy Bella!
This is everything Steel! Geesh I dont wven know where to go with this review! I’m so in Love with all things Steel. Tag is swoon worthy. He’s Alpha, demanding, caring, protective and he owns his $h!+! And Little Bell is Everything a Steel woman should be! SHE is BEAUTY, SHE is WISDOM, SHE is STRENGTH, SHE is LOVE, SHE is……! You will Love It promise. TO THE MOON AND BACK
– Jana ( Goodreads review)

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