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No, i’m not superstitious. I honestly would not have even remembered it was Friday the thirteenth,  had my little chick not reminded me this morning.

I wanted to give you a little inside look at what I do besides post way to much on social media, and write a shit ton of books.

Here’s a look:


I wake up to an alarm playing whatever song I am overplaying on any given day. Today it was ‘Just Like Fire’ by Pink. I am in love with her music. It’s Raw, real, and gritty, my kind of chick!

Then I hit snooze. It happens to the best of us.

I don’t fall back to sleep. I listen to my little chick in the next room while she get’s dressed and listens to whatever song she’s into at the time. It’s been the Hamilton soundtrack for a couple weeks now.

By this time my Bichon Frise, Sam, has decided to wake up (next to me) and lick my face or hand, whichever is closest to him, (he’s kind of lazy) until I pet him. By then Leia, the black labradoodle, who is normally across my feet is out of her mind with jealously because Sam is getting attention first. (She’s such a bitch)


I drag my ass out of bed, having only put it in bed about 4 hours ago. I trip over one of my two dogs who are still playing the attention seeking game, and grab whichever pair of comfy pants I see first. Today it was the gray, Syracuse University pair. (Go ‘Cuse)

I make my way down the stairs, dogs hot on my heels, then not on my heels, but trying to see who can push me down the stairs and get to the door first.

Leia usually wins.

I feed the dogs, brush the buckies, shower, dress, double french braid the chicks hair, make sure she eats breakfast and pack her lunch, if I didn’t do it the night before.


We’re out the door. The car conversation today was about what we have going on tonight and this weekend.


Monday and Fridays are the best mornings. I pick up my 3 year old nephew and take him to preschool. He’s a riot. This mornings car ride was spent talking about the ‘Farm’ and ‘Crapa’, which is what he calls my dad instead of Grandpa. It’s to funny to correct, and even my dad finds it amusing.


I am in front of my computer answering e-mails, messages, and getting sucked into the black hole that is Facebook. I love it. I want to ‘like’ posts, respond to notifications, chat, all of it. But…. I need to work. So I schedule some posts for the day.


(1 hour and 20 minutes later…told you I was bad)

I am re-reading what I was up writing until 2:30 this morning.  I also read this (unedited) scene I had read to a friend on the phone, and I kid you not, we were laughing so hard she pissed her pants. AND SHE TOLD ME! Which caused me to nearly have an accident myself.

Check it out




Then I write until my alarm goes off at 10:20.


I go pick the little man up from pre-school. We jumped in some puddles, then stopped at the store to grab a treat. Today a donut. I would like to pretend that my will power was strong enough to resist, but there was creme filled donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. I tried to talk him into that one, but he wasn’t having it. He wanted cinnamon.

In the vehicle, he wanted mine, so it actually worked out that I did only get two bites, which was perfect.

After dropping him off I went to my daughters school, sat in the parking lot waiting for her. They let out early today, so I sat and typed on my phone, in my notes. Always writing…


Lunch is over, and she is belting out the song she sings for NYSSMA, tomorrow morning while I try to write. I keep getting lost in listening to her amazing little voice.


@ 1:10

I am taking a break to finish this blog post. Then back to writing until she is back downstairs to do what kids do, tell you the most fascinating thing in the world, interrupting your train of thought.

Now I will go back to the cave and wait for the next interruption until five o’clock tonight.

It’s my nieces PROM!!! She was voted on court. Tonight we the outcome. Doesn’t matter. It’s cool that it was the NICE kids that got the votes, this year anyway. All the girls in the running are very nice…. but ‘J’ rocks the niceness, and is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

The ‘Fields’ crew will all show up to take pics at our local state park, and then go to the venue to do the same.

(The venue was the inspiration for Harpers Prom, in Stained)

Tomorrow is a new day and it’s the weekend.




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