2019 A Year In Writing

New Years Eve, 2018 I set my my goals high.
I wanted to finish three series so that 2020 could be a STEEL year..
I am happy to announce, that I slayed it.
Today I was challenged to do a ‘Year in writing’ post and love the idea so much I’m sharing here! 
So here it is.
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A Year in Writing: 2019
Books published:
(Norfolk series *completed*)
Words published: 500,938
Words written: 578,752 (in the works and scrapped)
Book World Travel:
RARE London
Shameless Florida-Orlando
Planned for 2020
6 Men of Steel novels (Generation 2)
2020 Signings:
Wild and Windy in the City Event
Chicago, IL
May 9th, 2020
RARE Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
June 26-27th, 2020
Four Brits
Liverpool, England, July 2020
A million Thank you’s for being part of my family; fictional or otherwise.

5 thoughts on “2019 A Year In Writing”

  1. Wondering if all your books are on kindle, using kindle Australia if that makes any difference.
    Have read all of the Steel series, Blue Valley Series, Ava and Luke and now Logan and London but feel like I’m out of sequence but cannot find any of the Truth about love series on kindle or the 3rd book in the first series?
    By the way loving them all and want to continue reading them all.

  2. Love the covers – but occasionally wish that you had a “Vision board” post for your female character inspiration. I’d like to see your thoughts on all the Steel women – 1st and 2nd generation. Maybe this already exists. If so, can you direct me?


  3. I have every book you have written alone & collaborated. I love the way you tell a story, it feels as if i know each character & am apart of their lives. I only stumbled upon the Legacy Series by accident & that caused the “waterfall” effect to have ALL your books!! Ty Mj for bringing me (a non if 3 who works everyday) me time.

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