Blue Valley

Blue Valley

They say they always come home. That's true in Blue Valley, a place where family is everything, love is grown, and second chances are always given.
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The Jersey Shore

Tattooed, pierced, bad boys, who will never settle down, never fall... until they did.
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Take The Shot

STEAMY hockey romance, all the hotness in precarious places…
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Norfolk, VA

Born and raised to become leaders. Groomed to serve and protect their country. Love was never part of the plan.
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Detroit Rock City

They vowed to keep their promise to their mother. They promised to, "Be the good, in the world of bad."
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From NYC, London and Paris

Age is but a number and social status means not a thing. Love is Timeless.
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Holiday Springs, CO

Where seasons change and life begins.
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New Series: Rounding the Bases

Leland Locke is everything I always knew he would be.

Professional baseball player and f-boy extraordinaire. 

Locke’s the kind of man no woman would ever give up a chance to call him theirs, even if for one night.

He’s just that good, and I hate that about him.


On the first day of my sophomore year of high school, I saw her and knew she was it.

That very night, I broke up with my girlfriend, Shelby Shutter. Gwendolyn York became my girl, and I became her player. 

We were best friends and each other first everything.

She’s the last girl I loved, and I’m still the guy she hates.


Now, she and her partner are on a case involving my neighbor, and I will not stop until I get the answer to the one question I still have: how did we manage to mess up something as good as us?

What to expect:

enemies to lovers

second chance

close proximity

marriage of convenience

baseball player