5 responses to “Upcoming Releases

  1. Mary

    I love the Steele brothers series. When will “Jase and Carly ( It. Is. On ) be available for purchase?

  2. Margaret Park

    Just got down reading the Caldwell Brothers series. LOVED IT!! Now I need a novella so that we know what Livie and Hendriix are having and update on the other couples.

  3. Jo

    I just read the Steel boys ,the series was hot.I couldn’t put my phone down.Each night I was up til 1am in the morning. Til I read it.loved it.Beautifully wrote.

  4. Amanda

    Please give Ava a story please😭😭😭 I need my soul to rest assured that the love series is indeed complete. Thank You lors of love 😘😘😘

  5. Dee

    OMG!!!! Luved “Abe”…can’t wait for the next one…hope it’s soon. Sooo enjoyed the way you had a glimpse of all the Steel guys……AWESOME read!!!

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