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Legacy Series

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This logo is one you will see on many of my books and many more to come.

L (Links) — R (Ross) — A (Abraham) — H (Hines)

These families stories are intertwined starting with The Love series, they move to the Wrapped Series, the Burning Souls series, and end in Love You Anyways.

Many more series will spin off from these characters already written and each will be a standalone series but for those of us who love a story to continue I recommend reading in this order.

Love Series

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The Wrapped Series

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The Burning Souls Series

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Legacy Additions

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(Must be read following Love Series, Wrapped Series and Burning Souls since characters crossover)

Legacy Box Set

Truth About Love Duet

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The Men Of Steel Series

The Ties Of Steel Series

The Rockers of Steel Series

UnSocial Daters Club

Matched Duet

The Steel Country Series

The Norfolk Series

The Caldwell Brothers Series

Standalone Novels